How to make candle holders out of lace doilies

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The final product


Cover your bowl/glass in foil

Wrap it nicely

Prepare foiled bowls/glasses for all of your lace doilies

Try out the doilies on each form until you are satisfied with the shape. I found the thin laces worked best on the taller and thinner glasses, while the heavier laces worked good on the round bowls

Lay the doily flat on the table and soak it in mod podge with a brush. Follow the shape of the lace so as not to mess up the fine pattern

Next lay the it upon the form and shape it to nice even waves

Leave them to dry

When dry (might take a few hours) carefully remove the form

Next carefully pull the foil of the doilies. Afterwards you might want to cut excess glue or foil of with an exacto knife

Place candles, and you're done

Watch the video: How to Stiffen Fabric to Make Tea Light Holders from Doilies


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