How To: Create This Canvas and Use Minx Shimmer Ink

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Everything made with Art Anthology products!

For the frame I used 7 Dots Studio paper from the Verano Azul collection.

Add crackle paste on several spots and leave it to dry.

Use the stencil and sponge heavy gesso.

Add 1/5 part minx ink and 4/5 part water to a minimister and spray.

It looks awesome on the crackle.

Paint the flaming heart

Add also some Minx gold to the mister for some extra shimmer

Add some metallic Lustre and colorations raider.

Collect some paper flowers and other embellishments.

Arrage everything on the canvas and stick it on with the 3D gelmedium

Add Gesso on top of all the embellishments (with a brush).

Spray everything with the Minx mixes (mix blue/green/yellow and mis brown/gold/yellow) and spray the embellishments.

Add some glue and mini beats.


Some detail pictures....

Hope you are inspired!

More inspiration at Till the next snapguide!! Or youtube video:

Watch the video: Blue Inks Comparison #2

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