How to make a cheese quesadilla with scallions

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Wash hands


First wash the Scallions thoroughly and hold Scallions with 1 hand.

Next you chop the onions into small pieces with serrated knife and keep your fingers about 3 inches away from knife. Hold the Scallions with fingers.

Then you put the chopped pieces of Scallions into a small bowl.

Next is Quesadilla.

Heat the pan to Medium heat and put the Tortilla on the pan.

Spread Cheese and Scallions on the whole entire tortilla. see next step to see scallions and cheese.

Then you add another tortilla on top of the tortilla that is on the pan.

Then you flip the tortilla to see if the bottom of the tortilla is golden brown. if it's golden brown then take the quesadilla off and put it on the plate.

Then you make a little salad (add lettuce, diced tomato, and Tortilla Stripes) put the tortilla and add a scoop of sour cream and Scallions. Enjoy!

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