How to make a candleholder

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Step 1: Measure your flat bar to the size you want the piece to be.

Step 2: Cut out your flat bar after you made the mark. Use a hacksaw and vice.

Step 3: File the flat bar you just cut and make sure there are no rough edges.

Step 4: For piece one, get the circle mould and use your hands to bend the flat bar around until you just overlap the flatbar.

Unwelded circle

Step 5: Weld your circle to complete this piece.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the next piece

Step 6: Use the flat bar twist jig to twist this piece of flatbar.

Step 7: Use the scroll plate to scroll both ends left from the flat bar. You might have to use a clamp to get more leverage.

Step 8: Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the final piece of flat bar.

Step 9: Scroll one end of the flat bar using a scroll plate and your done for the flatbar.

Flat bar pieces one, two, and three.

Step 10: Using a metal ruler and scribe, mark out your sheet metal so it is a square, for this one, mark out an 8x8 square.

Step 11: Use the guillotine to cut out the square. Repeat steps 10 and 11 two more times.

Step 12: Using the metal ruler and scribe again, find the center of the sheet metal by drawing an x, marking from corner to corner, where the x meets, is the middle.

Step 13: Once you have found the middle, use the ballpin hammer and a center punch to make a dent in the middle.

Step 14: Using the diameter, put one end in the dent and the other so it touching just inside the square. Spin it around to mark a circle.

Step 15: Use tin snips to cut out the perfect circle.

Step 16: Using the drill press, line the drill bit up to the dent and start drilling until you have made a hole through the sheet metal.

Step 17: Use the wooden dish mold to shape the dish so it catches the wax.

Do that for all three dishes.

Step 18: Use pop rivet gun and a pop rivet to pop rivet all pieces together.

Finished Product

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