How to make a candle holder

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Measure your medal.

Cut out your meta, with guillotine

Measure from corner to corner

Use the centre punch to make a dint in the middle of the metal

Measure your circle

Cut out your circle

Drill a hole in your circle

File your circle

Hammer you circle to make it have curves.

Start your flat bar now.

Measure flat bar so you have the correct size metal bits.

Cut out your metal.

File your metal so it's smooth.

Bend your metal how you would like to.

Measure a hole in the middle I'm your metal for drilling

Centre punch your metal

Drill thought your metal.

And the rest of your pieces and do the same steps.

Pop rivet your pieces together

Final product

Watch the video: Candle Holder. 2 Easy DIY Rustic Candle Holders

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