How to make an upcycled pillow sham!

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Prepare your fabric you like, along with colours of fabric paint you like.

Iron the fabric so there are no wrinkles.

Spread the fabric out on a table. Measure the fabric and draw a line to 40cmx40cm, and two 40x25cm.

Cut the fabric that you will use for the pillow cover along the line you drew with the cloth scissors.

Flip the 40x40 piece so it's right side up. And then put the two 40x25 so they form a 40x40, and make them face to face by the right side.

Pin the edges with dressing pins so that they don't scatter around when you sew them.

Start sewing the two pieces together face to face. Remember to sew about 0.5cm from the edge. Use thread that collaborate with your fabric.


Flip the cloth over through the middle that is not sewed.

Insert the pillow in the cover.

Print words or drawings and cut them out with a cutter. !!REMEMBER TO LEAVE THE INSIDES OF THE LETTERS!! (ex. D)

Put cardboard under the fabric to not let it through. Paint over the paper to form the picture you want on your pillow. And let it dry.

Now you have a pillow sham!!

Watch the video: Envelope Pillow Cover Tutorial - Fast and Easy Sewing Project!

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