How to build a wooden shelf with leather belts

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Measure and cut two wooden boards

Smooth the edges and sand down the boards (get lovely dusty legs)

Prepare your wood stain, I'm using a kind of water based powder stain. The color is called antique oak

Pour the powder stain in a pot

Add boiling water (about 1/2 liter)

Stain them boards

On both sides. I love that antique oak color!!

Watch some netflix (preferably Doctor Who)

When dry, add another coat (if you want a deeper color)

You can save the rest of the stain in a container

Get some old belts. I found these at a thrift shop

I chose to pair these two belts because the right one had two holes and the left had none

I used the buckle to mark where I should drill holes in the other belt

Yes I said drill.. I haven't got one of them fancy pancy hole-machines

Worked just as well. Now you should have two rings like this

Place the shelves inside the rings. Note: make sure the buckles aren't behind the shelf, then it won't hang properly

Now hammer nails in the bottom shelf

Two for the bottom, one for the front and one for the backside

Same goes for the other side

Measure the distance up to the next shelf and give that a nail too

Turn and measure the back side as well, nail it. Do the same for both sides

Hang it on the wall, for this you will need a helper. Trust me!... Don't screw it to tightly, the belt should have a nice bow like this

Enjoy your fine work 😉

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