How to make spice blends in an alto shaam holding cabinet

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Set your holding temperature to 145 and allow to preheat for 45 minutes.

Be sure your vents are wide open

Dice or puree your vegetables and lay out on sheet pans. If chopping, usually a good parchment sheet will suffice but if pureeing them, a silicone mat would be best to avoid sticking.

Shut the door and allow the vegetables to dehydrate for about 24 hours or longer...extra drying will not hurt anything.

For added levels of flavor, I smoked my salt for 30 minutes in the Alto Shaam CTP Combi.

Blend in small batches to your desired texture.

This 3 HP blender took care of it in seconds.

Combine salt and dehydrated vegetables and blend. Add pepper and adjust with more or less salt or spices.

Be creative and add different items to your spice to create a unique flavor that is all yours. Homemade spice blends are easy to make, shelf stable and a great way to add your personal touch.

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