How to tie a tie

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Start out with your collar popped and the fat side of the tie on YOUR left. Make sure the fat side of the tie is much longer than the skinny side.

Next, you will need to bring the large side OVER the smaller end. The fat side should now be on our right and the skinny on the left.

Now you want to bring the fat side around and under the skinny side. The fat should be back on the left and should have made a complete loop.

Okay so now you kind of repeat step two. You bring the fat side back over the the top so it is now on your right.

So it gets a little tricky now. You bring the fat side up through the part around your neck. Make sure you don't twist the fat side.

Pull it through so it forms a triangle at the base of the knot.

Now, you put the tie through the triangle.

Pull the fat side through and make sure you didn't twist it in the process.

Pull the skinny side so the tie is snug on your next. Disclaimer* please don't choke your self.

Pull your collar down to the normal position and you're done!

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