How to make origami flowers using magazines

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Tear 12 pages out of a magazine

Take one page and fold the bottom corner up to meet the page’s edge, creating a triangle

It should look like this

Flip the page over

fold the rectangular part of the page up to meet the bottom of the triangle

Fold the corner of the rectangle into the triangle

Open the page

Tuck the rectangle portion INSIDE the triangle

Close the triangle back onto its initial crease

Take the top point of the triangle and fold it so its tip meets at the base

Take the other tip of the triangle and fold it so it meets the base. You should have a perfect square

Take your triangular flap and fold it so the edges meet (don't worry I will show you what I mean on the next step)

It should look like this

Do this on both sides

open both of the triangular flaps and lay them flat

Take the triangle tips and fold them down so they meet the edges of the square

Fold both triangular flaps back in onto its original crease

It should look like this

Apply glue to both triangular flaps

Press them together

You now have a petal! Repeat steps 2-21 for your other 11 magazine pages

Once you have completed your petals, begin gluing their sides together

Watch the video: how to make flower with magazine paper origami lotus flower


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