How to make a braided wrap braclet

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Make three rows of colors. 30.5 inches each, 8 strings on each strand

The ones packaged like these are the perfect length for each color.

When dividing and measuring the thread only cut one side of the strings to save the loops for the button, Like this one. Tie a knot at the top of all three colors

Braid and tie another knot on the end of the piece.

Put out a few buttons to see what you like.

Tie your button on the end opposite of the loops, a few times! make sure it's tight.

Trim to hide the end strings

On the other side tie a knot in the middle of the end strings with a string from the bunch. If this side has the original loops on it than you will have two sizes here.

Pull the thread away from each other to make a hole for the button.


Watch the video: braided leaf bracelet tutorial! beginner

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