How to make banh xeo (vietnamese crepes)

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In a large mixing bowl add 3 1/2c of water + 1c or the whole 12oz can of bud light. Set it aside so the carbonation can dissipate. Don't mind my giant beer can. =P

Slice the green onions.

Add half the chopped green onions to the beer water mixture.

Set the rest aside to mix with the meat and shrimp.

cut the top of the flour mix and dump in the tumeric they provide for you.

then add in the flour mixture

Add about 1 tsp of extra turmeric

Mix for 10 mins & let it sit for 2 hours. Let that beer settle.

Slice the onion into 1/4in wedges and set aside.

Meat prep: remove excess fat. cut pork shoulder into 3" x 4" pieces.

Fill up the pot with just enough water to cover the meat.

Boil on high for 15 minutes. Work on the shrimp while it boils. After 15 minutes just turn off the heat and leave the meat there. We are going for medium rare.

Shrimp prep: Peel and devein the shrimp.

Season it with pepper and green onions.

Now you can remove the meat from the water and rinse off any residue. Let it cool if its still hot or if its warm you can start to slice it. You can also leave it to cool completely to slice it easier

Slice the meat into thin pieces and then season it with ground black pepper and green onions.

Nuoc mam dipping sauce (fish sauce)

Has it been 2 hours? Time to cook. Heat a large non stick frying pan over a med flame. (i'm using a marble pan) Add just enough oil to lightly coat the pan.

The meat looks huge cause i was making small ones for the kids. I know you like small ones too so you can cut the meat smaller. Also the ladle i used is small. It's like 1/2 a reg ladle.

With the batter you want to thinly coat the pan. Too much makes it thick and doughy.

At this time you can put a lid over the pan to let it steam the batter. dont leave it too long or the water will drop in and make it all soggy. Just leave it until the batter isn't undercooked on top

Now watch for the edges. When it starts to brown dry to wiggle your crepe to see if it can slide freely. If it can, check to see how its browning.

When its browned and crispy fold it in half or take the pan to your plate and slide it 1/2 way off and fold the rest over. Sorry i didn't get that part on video. One hand recording the other cooking.

With every pan or burner there are different heat levels. You will go through trial and error until you find what works for you. That part i have to adjust accordingly as well so don't stress it.

Now you can get your dipping sauce add the chili sauce to your taste. Then wrap or dont wrap your banh xeo into your greens and eat away. You're welcome.

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