How to make your own fruit drink holders

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Pool parties have never stopped being awesome. We’ve teamed up with IZZE® to show you how to throw a crazy colorful citrus-themed pool party.

First things first, you’ve gotta keep cool and a cooler full of ice cold sippers is crucial. On our drink list this summer? IZZE® everything from Sparkling Clementine to Blackberry Pear.

Gather your supplies.

Cut out triangles in one of the sticky back foam sheets.

Arrange into a “slice” on another piece of sticky back foam.

Take the paper back off the triangles and stick on the foam.

Cut a circle around the slice.

Stick that circle on another piece of sticky back foam and cut a circle around that. Make two more slices so that there are three slices in total.

Wrap the non-sticky craft foam around the drink bottle and glue the ends together.

Stick the slices around the foam. For extra security, glue down some of the slice pieces with a hot glue gun.


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