How to make rhubarb heaven

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Turn on the oven, 175 C.

Chop your rhubarbs, to get 500 ml you need about 4 stems. Peel it if necessary.

Mix sugar with bourbon vanilla powder.

1 teaspoon bourbon vanilla powder equals 1 vanilla pod.

Add the eggs.

Whisk until fluffy and no sugar is left at the bottom of the bowl.

Mix flour and baking powder separetaly.

Then sift the mixture when adding it to the egg mix.

Gently stir.

The batter will become quite thick but that's nothing to worry about.

Pour the batter into a cake mold.

Make sure the bottom of the mold is covered.

Add your chopped rhubarbs. However, here I have almost 1 liter and I will only use half of that amount and put th rest in the freezer.

Cover the batter with the rhubarbs. Sprinkle some cinnamon or cardamon and some sugar or vanilla powder over the rhubarbs.

Slice the butter over the rhubarbs using a cheese slicer. The translation app says "shave" the butter but it sounds weird...

When covered put in the oven for about 30 minutes.

Before serving, you can if you want to sift some using sugar on top of the cake. It tastes great without, but perhaps it looks more fancy. However, my co-workers were to fast this time...

Have a bite and you're in (rhubarb) heaven!

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