How to make planner clips w/ prima marketing bella rouge

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These clips can be used in planners, journals, bibles, as embellishments or given as gifts:) Mine are made with images from Prima's Bella Rouge.

These are the shaped clips I chose.

These are the Bella Rouge Prima Papers I chose for these clips...

First, I cut out the image shape and the base paper to put behind it as a border. Keep in mind the place where the paper will fold over the clip, and plan accordingly :)

Tape image to base paper and fold or score where the paper will bend over the clip.

Fold over paper clips and use double sided tape, or Scor tape. I then used one sided scotch tape to make the seam smooth and the bind stronger.

Distress the edges of your paper images.

I then chose some fun bits to embellish my images.


TA DA! Fun clips!

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