How to bake gingerbread cookies

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Start by creaming softened butter

For the sugar, I used half brown sugar and half raw sugar (brown sugar makes cookies spread more so if you do not want them to spread, use white sugar)

Beat sugar into butter

Pour your golden syrup in (I was making a double batch; never mind the whole cup)

Add egg yolk

Mix until incorported

If you have fresh ginger, make sure it isn't dried out or it will not have maximum flavour. Grate your ginger or you can use ground ginger

Combine flour, spices, bicarb soda, grated/ground ginger and salt

Whisk to get rid of lumps

Start folding into batter. If you have a mixer which has a slow speed you can use that

Getting awfully tired here!

Ahh done!

Wrap up in cling wrap and chill for half an hour. You can also freeze this and thaw it later to roll

Flour the dough, your hands and your working surface

Roll out to about 4mm (or 0.15 inches for you 'muricans) (actually I'm not sure if that's even correct...)

Cut out festive shapes, or unfestive shapes if you please

Once you've cut out as many as you can, reroll the scraps and repeat

Bake in a preheated oven at 180°C (or 350°F) for about 8-10 min

Bake until browned and cool for 5 min in the tray before moving them (don't let them cool completely on the tray 'cause they'll stick)


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