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Write your name small on backside in case you mess up so you can still flip your paper over. Then write the number and letter that is on the back of the small mystery square on your big square paper.

Draw light lines to create a grid to help you line up shapes.

Observe where lines start and end on your small piece and try your best to copy and enlarge this to your larger white square. Try to be precise otherwise our puzzle will not line up later.

Draw all outlines and shapes that you see. No coloring yet.

Wherever there are black areas on your small puzzle piece, color black in those shapes on the larger white paper.

In the areas on your small puzzle piece where you see light gray create line and shape designs using only yellow and orange marker.

In the areas where you see dark gray, use any other color besides yellow and black to create patterns and designs. Leave all white spaces BLANK.

Erase any extra pencil lines.

Tape your puzzle piece to the back of your project. Hand into teacher. If you are done early, find your grid worksheet from last time on the turquoise table.

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