How tocreate a graphic 45 layout in a vinyl disc

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You will need "Ladies Diary" Deluxe Collector's Edition, Heavy Gesso, Doily Stencil, Spray Mist, Mica Powder (if you like) Chipboards and one 12" Vinyl Disc!

Fussy cut flowers from "Focal Point" Clocks from "A moment in Time" Tag from "Lasting Impressions" and the Beautiful Lady from"A Ladies' Diary" make sure ink the edges.

Add some cardboard in the back to give more dimension or you can use foam dots.

Use the Stencil and apply the Gesso .. Let it dry. Then torn pieces of "A Moment in Time" and make the first layer.

Add two pieces of the Turkish Bits then add a second layer of flowers that we had already cut.

To give more texture add two Petaloo flowers from Botanica Collection.. don't be afraid to overlap on top of the other layers!

Now.. More details! Chipboards and Stickers from the Collector's Edition Set.. they are so beautiful!

Close up of the details!

I just love the finished look!! The flowers and the fussy cutting match perfect!

I hope you enjoyed all the steps through my layout in a Vinyl Disc and you have learned that we can use any surface as a canvas.. it's so much fun and it is so easy!

Watch the video: A Ladies Diary Graphic 45 Mini Album


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