How to make jean shorts

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To get started you will need a pair of jeans, scissors, a marker, tweezers, a nail file and any extra decoration you may want.

First, mark the spot where you want to cut with your marker.

Next, cut your jeans where you put the mark. Make sure the back is a bit longer then the front.

Once you have your desired length, you can begin fringing your shorts. To do that just take your tweezers and begin to pull down the white strands at the edge of your shorts.

For a more textured look, take a nail file and go over the parts you have fringed.

Begin to cut slits under the pocket of your shorts to create holes for a distressed look that is often seen in stores.

Now do the same process used to fringe the edges of your shorts, to fringe the holes.

After fringing, go over the holes with your nail file.

If you want to personalize your shorts, you can add pieces of fabric or studs with fabric glue.

Lastly, put your shorts in the washing machine to finalize the distressed look.

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