How to make a tie blanket

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First you must choose your fabrics. I buy two soft pieces of fabric, one being a solid color and the other having a design. Both pieces should have dimensions of six feet wide and eight feet long.

Secondly, you need to gather all of your materials. The materials you will need include the two pieces of fabric, a pair of scissors, and a yardstick.

Next, you need to lay out one of your fabrics. As you lay the bottom fabric down, make sure there are no major creases in the blanket. You can smooth the blanket out with your hand.

After that, you place the second fabric on the first. You should smooth out the blanket with your hand to make sure there are no major creases again.

Then check to see if the fabrics have the same length. If they are not the same dimensions, you need to trim the edges so they are the same.

Next, measure a 4 inch by 4 inch box in a corner to prepare your corners to be cut. After you have measured you need to make a mark so you know how big the box is. Repeat this step for each corner.

After you have marked a 4 inch by 4 inch box in each corner, it is time to cut the corners out. This step sets you up to cut the strips for tying the blanket.

Now you should cut strips. Each strip should be about 1 inch wide and 4 inches long. You should cut the strips around the whole blanket so they line up to where the box was.

After you have cut all of the strips, you need to go around and tie each of them. If you want your blanket to stay tied longer, you can double knot each of the strips.

Lastly, finish tying all the strips around the blanket. If you would like to personalize your blanket, you can use fabric paint, or even heat activated crystals. If not, your blanket is complete!

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