How to make coupon cards for parents

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Gather your supplies. (See listed.) This guide makes two cards with coupons in each.

Cut the colored paper in half to make two cards. Option: Leave paper whole to make one large card.

Fold each cut piece in half to make a card.

Ensure your envelope fits in the card. *I'm using a recycled envelope mom got in the mail.

Cut the envelope in thirds. Keep the two ends. Recycle the middle or save it for another craft.

Tape the flap closed. *If the envelope was opened on a side, tape closed that edge. Be sure to leave the cut side open to insert coupons. (See next picture.)

You now have two pockets for coupons, one pocket for each card.

Tape or glue the pocket to the card. Be sure to leave the top open so you can insert your coupons.

Repeat with the second card.

Cut the printer paper in half.

Fold and cut each half to make coupons. Be sure your cut pieces fit in the envelope pocket with a bit sticking out the top. (See next picture.)

Make your coupons. Consider items, tasks, or chores that would please the person receiving the card.

Once finished with the coupons, write a sentiment on the inside of the card.

Check over your work. Add more coupons if desired.

Decorate the front of the card.

It's time to give your card to the lucky recipient. Happy Valentine's Day!

Watch the video: Parents day card making handmade. Easy and beautiful card for parents day. Parents day gifts


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