How to alter a box for sweet treats

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Prep the surface of the box by painting black acrylic paint to the sides and edges. If you like, paint the inside as well

Trace to size your choice of paper

Do this to both the cover and box itself. Top and sides

Distress the edges of the strips of paper

Use your favorite circle die cut metals for the top decor.

Add some messy threads before adhering the rest of the decors on the top cover

Adhere the strips

Use a thin black lace trim to the bottom part of the box

Since I didn't paint the inside of the box, I adhered contrasting color of patterned paper instead.

Embellish with flowers, sprigs and leaves and die cut flowers

Place your sweet treats inside!

Add a little tag to write sweet sentiments

A blank white cardstock adhered to the back of the small circle tag

Ready to be given to someone special

The finished project

Thank you and I hope you liked it! Advance Happy Heart's Day!

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