How to cook chicken kyiv

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Cut the stem.


Wash chicken and remove the pellicle.

Cut small breast.

Cut the chicken breast into two parts.

Cover with plastic wrap and beaten flat tenderizing hammer not too thin. Breast should of the same thickness.

Pepper and salt.

Add greens.

Add butter.

And roll them. Close the edges, so that the butter doesn't flow out.

Break three eggs and add salt.

Add small part of olive oil.

Breading have 5 steps.

1 step: flour.

Step 2: eggs.

Step 3: breadcrumbs.

Step 4: eggs.

Step 5: breadcrumbs.

Add vegetable oil into fryer. Or you can use a pan with a bit of oil.

Fry it till the golden crust.

Put it on paper towel.

Now we have a semiproduct which we can keep in refrigerator or cook it right now in the oven.

We need to heat the oven to 180C , 350F

≈ 10 minutes, frozen ≈ 15 minutes

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