How to bake easy blueberry muffins🇺🇸

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I am using silicon individual moulds. This is what I could find around

Dry ingredients: flour 270g-2cups. sugar 150g-3/4cup. Baking powder 2tsp. Sodium bicarbonate 1/2 tsp. Salt 1 tsp

Wet ingredients: butter: melted and cooled 115g-1 stick-1/2 cup. Eggs 2 large+2 tsp vanilla extract. Milk 120ml-1/2 cup+1 tsp vinegar

Mix all the wet ingredients

Mix the dry ingredients

250g blueberries-2 cups washed and dried

Add to the dry ingredients

Make a well. Add the wet ingredients

And fold in.. Not mix

Use a spoon or the classical ice cream scoope

Oven preheated 190C Bake 20 mins. Turn the tray at half time for even baking

oven to 190-185/-375 F and bake 18 /20mins.. Always depends on your oven

I serve them in their mould or ??

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