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Draw a horizon line.

Draw a sun above your horizon line. Half circle.

Begin filling in your sun with torn paper. Do not cut the paper, rip it. We want the edges to have interesting texture. Overlap and glue your papers.

Begin filling in your sky with torn paper. You can include colors to look like a sunset or clouds. Glue the down.

Rip a piece of paper the width of your project. Make it have interesting bumps to look like hills. Glue it down overlapping your sun and sky.

Rip another paper the width of your paper but use a different color. Glue it overlapping your last layer. No gaps.

Repeat steps 7 and 8.

Continue repeating steps 7 and 8 to fill your project using different colors and textures.

Use a black oil pastel to color the edge of each layer below your sun. This will help them stand out.

Remember collages are all about texture. Your oil pastel can be rough.

Congratulations! You created a collage with texture!

Watch the video: Photoshop Collage Tutorial - Cool Photo Template


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