How to make alice in wonderland inspired teacup holder

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This is a photo of supplies needed for this project. Not pictured: fabric remnants and scissors.

You will need to start with the playing card, mini clock and mini key. Use the super glue for these steps.

Apply super glue to one side of the key.

Place glue side down onto the clock at whatever time you desire.

Press down to allow for bond of key to the clock.

Place a dot of super glue on the top right hand corner of playing card and position clock.

Press down to allow for bond of clock to the card.

Set the card and clock aside. Now you will need your fabric remnants, scissors, and mini vial.

Cut your fabric remnants into small strips.

Roll each strip and place into your vial.

Close vial up and you have your "drink me" potion.

Move back to playing card and teacup.

Put about two or three lines of super glue on the bottom of your playing card.

Position card inside of teacup and press to bond.

This is how your playing card should look inside of teacup, once bonded.

Grab your mini tag (feel free to write or print DRINK ME) and place a small line of E6000 adhesive on the corner.

Place vial onto the small strip of E6000 adhesive and set aside.

Use E6000 adhesive on the bottom of your teacup to bond to the base of your choice.

Use a generous amount of E6000 adhesive to seal your base and teacup.

Allow for drink me tag/vial and teacup/base to dry for 24 hours.

Once both pieces are dry, take your twine and tie your drink me tag on your teacup.

We're all mad here, so decorate accordingly! Place a candle in it, maybe a succulent, or just place it among other pieces for a funky flair!

Watch the video: Alice in wonderland inspired: GIANT flowers. Simple+cheap.

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