How to make a pinchpot bowl

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Make your clay into a ball about the size of your palm

Take your thumb and poke a hole in the center

Press down until you can feel the pressure of where your thumb is on your other Palm. About half an inch thick

I cut my ball in half to show you how deep it should be. Don't cut yours.

Now pinch the clay sides.

Keep pinching around all the sides

And keep pinching

Yep more pinching

Now pinch out the fatter parts of your clay so that the walls are even all around

Try to make them as even as possible

It will look something like this once you've pinched enough. If the walls of your clay fray out a little go back to the bottom of the bowl and push it out gently.

Take your fishing line and cut the top so that it is even

Like so

Now take some of your water and smooth out the edges so that they are nice and round.

You can play around with how you want your pot to be shaped now

Nice and smooth

Smooth out the bottom

And the sides of your pot. But make sure you put your other hand on the outside so that the wall doesn't collapse so lose its shape.

You can smooth the outside if you want but I personally like the texture it gives the pot

Play with your creation and add texture and little handles if you please! Enjoy the creative process.

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