How to cook yummy chicken tagliatelle

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Get your ingredients ready

Chop the onion finely

I'm very bad at chopping so for the carrot I peeled it and used the cheese grater. Result! Start cooking the onion and the carrot in a bit of oil

Season the chicken breasts with salt and pepper. The cover in paprika. It doesn't really matter which one, it depends on your taste

Add to the vegs and cook until it's done on the outside

Add the wine, chopped tomatoes, juice and stock to it. I just use a cup of stock. And start reducing. For me it took around 40 minutes

The end result

Take the chicken breasts and cut them in slices. Put them back in the sauce

Cook the tagliatelle and add to the sauce. The amount depends of how much you want really. I used around 300-400 gr

And ready to eat!

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