How to create a canvas with graphic45 and faber-castell

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Take out all the flowers pieces from the Graphic 45 Raining Cats & Dogs Flowers pack, keep the backing for further use

Use Faber-Castell Gel Medium to adhere the flower pieces on the canvas, leave to dry

Don’t forgot the four sides

Use the Raining Cats & Dogs flower backing as stencil, apply Faber-Castell Whipped Sparkle, don’t forgot the sides as well, heat tool to dry, this will give an uneven texture look

Apply a thin layer of watered-down Gesso on the whole canvas, need leave the flower pieces at the bottom layer can be seen

Draw on a color of Faber-Castell Gelatos randomly on the canvas

Use a water brush to spread the Gelatos

Spray water on the Gelatos color and let the color dip, repeat steps 6-7 to add more colors as you wish

Use your finger to spread out the rest of the Gelatos colors and let the colors to be blend together, leave to dry or heat tool to dry

To highlight some of the flowers, use various colors of Faber-Castell PITT Big Brush

Use water brush to blend well the Big Brush colors

Die-cut flower panels use papers from various Graphic 45 collections as you like, use coordinate Distress Ink to color the back of each panels

Use ball tool to curve the flower panels

Use whatever kind of strong adhesive to stick the panels and the flower stamen, I’d use hot glue gun here

Repeat steps 12-14 for medium and small flowers

Adhere the flowers on canvas using strong glue or hot glue gun and done!

Watch the video: A Faber Castel Design Memory Craft Tutorial - Chalkboard Inspiration Canvas


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