How to dehydrate raw pistachio biscotti in a a/s ctp 6.10

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Add almond flour to a food processor.

Add pistachios.

Add pistachio flour. (Vita-mix 1c of pistachios to a fine consistency to get pistachio flour).

Add flax meal.

Add cinnamon.

Add almond extract.

Add vanilla extract.

Add orange juice.

Add orange zest.

Add honey.

Add water.

Pulse until dough begins to form. (Add water a little at a time if dough is too dry).

Shape dough into a biscotti log onto a sheet tray lined with parchment paper (pressing dough down slightly with your hand to 3/4 inch thick).

Slice dough into 3/4 inch cookies.

Place biscotti's into the CTP 7.20.

Dehydrate at 140F (60C) overnight. (Separate the biscotti's if they are still moist in between and dehydrate for an additional hour.)

Glaze with melted vegan chocolate.

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