How to cook beef and guinness pie

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The ingredients

Wash and peel veg

Dice all veg

Cook everything apart from mushrooms

Dice beef

Add to pot

Add Guinness

Add flour

Like this

Stir in

Top up with water

Place in oven on 180C for 2.5hrs

Grate cheese

Remove beef and Guinness pie mix from oven

Add cheese to beef when ready

Remove pastry from fridge

Start rolling out

Roll over your rolling pin

Like this

Unroll over pie dish

Trim edges

Add beef and Guinness mix

Cut out lid

Like this

Whisk up an egg and brush around the sides

Top with lid

Make a nice edge pressing lid to base

Brush with egg wash

Make a small steam hole

Place in a preheated oven for 40 or so minutes

Your pie is ready

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