How to make a crochet rhinestone bracelet

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So, I combined two of my faves and came up with this crochet bracelet. All you need to know is chain stitch, single crochet, slip knot and slip stitch.

If you are new to crochet,I suggest you watch some videos on YouTube to get the hang of it . I recommend Crochet Guru,who is an expert at teaching different stitches.Check her out.


Start with a slip knot.Chain until it fits your wrist. Add 2-3 chains extra for 'emergency purposes' .

Insert the hook into the second chain from the hook and do single crochet.

Continue till you reach the end.

Then chain 9. This is for the button hole.You can increase or decrease the number of chains depending upon the size of the button.

Cut off the yarn,leaving a tail and pull it through.

Now,taking your second colour,create a slip knot.

Insert the hook into the first chain (of the button hole) of the first colour.

Creat a slip knot.

There are small holes between each single crochets.Insert the hook in the first hole.

Do a single crochet with the second colour.

Continue until you reach the end.

Repeat step 6.

Sew a button at the end of the bracelet.

Then, using the yarn needle,weave the 'tails' through the stitches.

Next,thread yarns of both the colours through the yarn needle and attach the rhinestone.

Aaaaandd there it is.It turned out pretty well.I hope you guys have wonderful time crocheting this.Check out my other guides.Follow for more guides.Hit that ️ to show support.Happy crocheting.Ciao.

BONUS : Tried this with double crochet and loved it.It's more wider than the other one.

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