How to make crab casserole

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Start gathering your ingredients...

Make sure you have premium super lump crab meat. Chicken of the Sea and Phillips are my two favorites. Don't try to go cheap here. Fresh is best.

Start by whisking the milk and eggs together.

Next add the spices.

Cut off the crusts of your bread. You can see here that I used a soft wheat bread. Cheap bread is good here and white or wheat doesn't matter.

Cut the bread into cubes.

Add the bread to the egg/milk mixture and whisk it together.

Look how creamy it now looks.

Test your crab. Take a taste. Be sure to drain any liquid.

Add the crab to the bread mixture but DO NOT BREAK UP! Notice that the crab is just slightly separated. Keep them in lumps.

Fold the crab into the mixture. Again, do not try to 'mix it'. That will break up the crab and you will lose the textures.

Spray your casserole dish with Pam cooking spray.

Spread crab into casserole dish.

These are the breadcrumbs I prefer to use...

Sprinkle the breadcrumbs on top of the crab.

Bake it! Look how yummy! The center should not be liquid. If you see it bubbly liquid in the center, let it keep cooking. It should come out golden brown.

Cherri's Crab Casserole... to get full recipe, go to

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