How to decipher a cats body language

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In order to truly decipher a cat's body language, you should know the cat pretty well as different cats react with different body language to different situations.

This is my kitty, Simon. Right now he's fairly indifferent as to anything that's happening. He's relaxed, but alert because his ears are pricked and his head is moving about as he hears things.

A cat's ears and tail are very important in deciphering their body language. They'll be the first things to change when their mood changes.

Please be cautious when a cat's tail flicks as Simon's did in the previous video. It can mean that the cat is playful, but it can also mean that he/she is agitated and/or annoyed

Lovable kitty who wants to play in the laundry basket and chase my fingers

This is a very content and relaxed Simon. He is spending quality time with his owner and enjoying the A/C that just kicked on

This is a very lazy kitty who has gotten tired of sitting in one position. Stretchhhhhh

Simon is very curious as to what is under this recliner. His conclusion? Nothing interesting

He loves sleeping on my head at night. Simon says my pillow is very comfortable.

This is a very happy kitty bonding with his owner. He wanted lots of love and kisses when I got home from school that weekend 😻

More kitty love. He is nudging my face with his head to show his affection for me 😺

A very curious kitty. Simon has recently decided to examine my guinea pigs very closely. He's still trying to figure out what they are 🐱

A sleepy Simon who would have rather not been disturbed. It's okay though, he still loves me.

Another sleepy Simon. This time content to snuggle with our newest family member, Jasper.

Relaxed and alert as he sits with me in the living room, hoping that dinner time is sooner than it is.

Updated on June 6, 2016. Sorry it took so long! I've been at school! Thanks everyone! Simon says "meow!" 🐱

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