How to make pour over coffee

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Pick out your favorite coffee beans and grind them to a medium grind.

Boil water in a kettle (preferably a kettle with an accurate spout). Let water cool down to about 200 degrees F. (About a minute off the burner)

Wet your filter in your V60/chemex. You'll want to wet the filter to warm the glass and remove paper residue. Pour out the how water from your coffee cup.

Place your grounds in the filter (3tbsp for 12oz). Shake to make sure the grounds are level and poke a hole in the middle with your finger.

Pour enough hot water over the ground to get them all wet. Then wait a few seconds for all of the bubbles to clear (this is the carbon escaping from the grounds).

After the bubbles clear start to pour your hot water over the grounds in a spiral fashion from the middle.

Make sure not to pour hot water on the filter during this process.

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