How to make a 'torta caprese' typical cake from capri island 🇮🇹

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In a food processor grind the almonds, the chocolate and 20 g of corn starch. Personally I don't make them very fine but it is a personal taste

Ingredients: chocolate 250 g, almonds 350 g, eggs 6 separated, sugar 150 g(or brown sugar), corn starch 20 g, butter 225 g-melted, orange zest. (Didn't have I used candid orange peel)

In a food processor, put the almonds, the chocolate and the corn starch. Reduce to a powder. I like that the almonds remain coarse.. Add lemon peel if using.

Add the warm melted butter

Egg yolks + sugar beat 2-3 mins

The add the chocolate mix over the egg-sugar

Add 2 tbsp grand mariner (orange liquor) optional

Egg whites in peaks. Fold in the batter

Bake 50 mins in a preheated oven 160C.

Serve warm dusted with icing sugar. Of course with chantilly cream or ice cream

Or with chocolate sauce..

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