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A look at the front cover. I recommend using bonding memories glue. It holds the paper really well and does not wrinkle it. It holds better if you dab the glue rather than streak it on your paper!

Cover the pizza slice shapes in blue diamond paper. Make sure you cover correct sides. Cover two big circles in black dots. Cover fender in glitter paper! Pay attention to the side you are covering.

The biggest mistake that is made is that the wrong sides of pages get covered! Cover fender in glitter paper and car in red print. Outline shapes with black marker and then glue together.

Cover both sides of Christmas tree with blue printed paper! Outline. Add chipboard star from compliments on both side. Add sparkle to middle of star!

Cover the back of car. Add photos or a mat if desired. Embellish as shown. The pinwheel to the right is from an optional accessories pack!

Cover square with stripe paper. The strip at the bottom is a zip strip from a piece of patterned paper.

Back of square page. Cover with polka dot paper. Add mat if desired. Add embellishments. I attached ribbon using a glue dot! Don't forget to outline your detail!

Here is a look at that page opened up.

Cover car in blue card stock. Decorate as shown. Flag that says believe is optional embellishment!

Back of car. The Noel flag and button are optional embellishments! The stripe fender is a zip strip cut off a patterned piece of paper!

Decorate page as shown. The circles at the bottom can be punched from leftover paper or you can use the optional accessory packet.

Embellish as shown. The buttons and flags are optional embellishments!

The back page is just covered with paper and outlined with the marker. Add rings and ribbon. Add photos and enjoy!

Add photos and enjoy your albums. All supplies available at

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