How to make organic tomato sauce on the grill

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Select 8 vine ripened heirloom tomatoes. The more colors the prettier!

Core out centers and slice in half

Add salt and pepper or seasoning of your choice (we used Trader Joe's Everyday Seasoning grinder)

Wash and chop some fresh basil

Top the tomatoes with the basil and feta cheese.

Wrap up in aluminum foil packets and place on 400 degree medium hot grill for 20 minutes. Mmmm! It will smell so delicious!

In the mean time cook up noodles of your choice. Spaghetti or angel hair would have been our preference but we only had the rigatoni.

Remove packets from grill and transfer to a pot. Careful, steamy HOT!

Once in the pot gently quarter the tomatoes with a knife and combine. Simmer to keep warm until the noodles are ready to serve.

Serve with a slotted spoon, the liquid will be thin but very tasty.

Hope you Enjoy!! and... Thank you for following my guides.

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