How to make a graphic 45 matchbook box

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Let's use a G45 matchbook box .

apply a layer of acrylic gesso on the sides and back of the inner box.

from Sweet Sentiments 8x8 pad, remove Heart Song paper and cut it in the internal dimensions of the box

Apply pink ink pad on the borders of papers.

After adhering the paper inside the box, apply ink pad on the borders of the box.

Cut out some angels, flowers and butterflies of G45 Sweet Sentiments papers.

Use Thin 3D Foam Squares to adhere the flowers and wings and this way you can get more dimension on your project.

Using a toothpick, apply gold glitter in the center of flowers.

Using brads, attach G45 metal on top of the box.

Cut out this post card from G45 paper. Glue it down on the cardboard piece.

Apply gold ink pad on the borders.

Using E-Z runner, adhere this piece on the matchbook box.

Glue down lace on the inner side of the box .

Apply gold ink pad on the resin frame and place it on the post card.

Now is the time to put the angel who was ready.

Cut out this label and wrap it with the help of a toothpick.

Finish putting the label at the bottom and adding some butterflies.

Now we will prepare the outside of the matchbook box covering it with G45 papers. After apply pink ink pad on the borders of the box.

Apply Glass Beads on the box.

Apply a little of acrylic gesso on the glass beads to get more texture.

Cut out some flowers and butterflies from G45 papers.

Using Thin 3D Foam Squares, m make an arrangement with flowers. Apply gold glitter.

Pass gold ink pad on Maroccan chipboard.

Finish by adding the pieces of chipboard and applying gold glitter in them.

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