How to grow lavender from cuttings

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Early in the morning when air is cool and ground is moist, cut off a non-flowering side shoot.

Trim off the lower leaves for a bare stem.

Moisten the stem and dip into rooting hormone. This is a white powder that coats the stem.

Stick into already wet potting soil. And press down lightly on soil around the stem to firm it up. Make sure you have drainage holes in your pot.

Cover with clear plastic bag to create a green house effect. Keep in part sun to shade. Keep bags on removing only to add water when moisture dries up, about every 2 weeks for about 6 weeks.

This is after a few hours in the sun. The bags keep the moisture inside for a long time. (You might want to stick a small stick straight up inside to keep the bag propped up.)

I added sticks after seeing the moisture weigh down the bag.

Once rooting has started, cut the corner of the bag to increase ventilation. Remove the bag completely after a few weeks. Leave cuttings in place until they are well rooted, then plant where you want.

These cuttings are still covered after 8 plus weeks. It's extremely hot here, too hot to expose them. They are doing fine, just waiting for cool temps to snip the bags open.

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