How to recycle old crayons (create embellished ones)

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Here are most of the supplies you will need.

First make sure the baby bamboo is completely dry, then you must cut the whole bamboo piece by piece below the veins, each piece.

The result is something like this

You will find that in one end is hollow and the other side below the vein has a sort of wall

Then. In a pot you will heat water, and another pot, a glass one, you will place the chunks of crayon and let it melt

With the syringe pour the melted crayon inside the bamboo, i used a plastic one it melted on the inside funny thing. I know glass ones are hard to find. But if you find them you'll save a lot of time

Repeat this process with each colour crayon you may have in chunks. And recycle all!

Then. If you like, you can use the candlewick and dye them in the same shades as your brand new pretty crayon set.

Here it is, a pretty set of recycle crayons. I made a tiny fake leather wallet too, just to store them nicely..

And there you have them!! Crayon chunks whole again so you can colour your world away ;)

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