How to Cook Baked Vegan "Chicken" Alfredo Penne Pasta

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You can find most of these ingredients at Trader Joe's or any health food store. I try to keep the veggies organic but you don't have to. You can add mushrooms and spinach but I didn't this time.

First get your pasta ready. I always use whole wheat pasta. Read the ingredients to make sure it does not have eggs... Wanna stay with the vegan title. Put on low to medium heat

Get some olive oil in your pan and place on medium heat

Non dairy cream cheese. Funny container... That trader joes for you

Look for the label stating "vegan". Some products you have to read the ingredients.

So add soy milk, cream cheese, Earth Balance spread, salt, pepper and creamer ( optional for extra creamy sauce) in pot. Keep on low heat. Looks funky but I promise it tastes amazing !

I like to use a creamer just to make it a nice thicker fuller taste!

Some garlic powder next- you add to your taste

Yup... Now just watch and stir occasionally... We will come back to the sauce.

You can make life easier if u get the florets but whichever way, get your cauliflower in the pan with oil...

And make sizes as such...

Then add broccoli....I like to add a bit more salt and pepper.

Now stir until lightly brown. Doesn't have to be fully cooked...

Here is my FAV soy chicken. Grab a few nuggets...

There's the "V" for vegan...

The nuggets look like this. I suggest nuggets rather than "chic" strips. The breading gives a bit more flavor.

Slice up nuggets ...

Should look like this :)

Your sauce should be at this point. May have to stir a bit if you see chunks of cream cheeze floating around.

Now your veggie are ready... Slight brown...


Add that soy chicken!!!


And some more garlic powder.. More or less to taste ... Now just sauté till you heat up chicken.


Have a baking pan at least two inches deep. I use small sizes because I'm just cooking for me and my boyfriend ( he's not vegan but can't resist to nibble at my dishes :) ...)


When your pasta is ready, drain and set aside ...


Grab your yummy cheeze...


Also Vegan!!


Add a handful of cheeze and the pasta to the sauce...


Now add the veggies and chicken...


Mix all together ...


Place in baking pan ...


Add some more cheeze on top to make a nice crunchy crust... Place in over at 350-400 for 15-20 minutes. I usually eyeball it until I see the pasta and cheeze browning..


Now have some yummy white wine while you wait ...


After drinking a glass, check your pasta... Look for some browning on the pasta. I like a lil crunch.


And voila!! Completely Vegan and delicious Alfredo chicken pasta bake! And trust me it taste like the real thing!!! Enjoy ...

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