How to Enhance a Phone Slip Case With NFC - Part 2

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These are "anti-metal NFC stickers" purchased from Because they are going to be placed on the radio frequency blocking fabric, we need the extra isolation on the NFC tag.

Download an app called "NFC Task Launcher" also by Tagstand from Google Play (aka Android Market). It lets you save tasks to your NFC sticker so when it's scanned, it just does it automagically!

Make an NFC tag for those times you need to be very quiet like during class, a meeting, or at the movies.

Cat! Get out of my tutorial.

Make an NFC tag for those times you have a hard time hearing your phone like at a party, or when your phone is at the bottom of your purse.

Repeat but use settings for how you typically would like to hear your phone ring/vibrate, outside of the case. Say you sit down at a cafe and want to see your screen; pull it out and rest it on top.

You can stop at these 3...

But let's add an automated way to turn on your wifi hotspot when you're at a cafe! (BTW, these are just suggested automated tasks; record and re-record tasks to fit your own lifestyle.)

Make a 4th tag for turning on a wifi hotspot, or leave the tag for another day.

Let me introduce you to this cool fabric that blocks radio waves. Science FTW! (I got this fabric from

Cut out 2 small squares of this fabric. Take your "quiet" NFC tag and peel off the sticker backing and place it onto one piece of fabric. Put "loud" onto the other.

Stick the 2 other tags to the other side of the fabric pieces. This clip shows off how everything so far will fit together.

Take the foam out of the felt and sew the loud/wifi patch to the foam.

It's important that the loud side is facing inwards!!

No one is going to see the stitching so it's okay if you're a bit sloppy. :) Just make sure it's in there securely. Repeat for the silence/default patch and make sure "silence" is facing inwards.

Finished! Let's put it back into the outer felt layer and see it almost done!

The case in action! This is a also a good time to mark the sides of the case with icons or decals so you know which side is which!

Final step is to finish the opening! You can fold the felt over the foam and hand sew to make a clean hem. But I kind of liked this grey and black layering and evened the felt up with the foam.

Then hand stitched with purple thread.

Yay! Sexy and functional.

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