How to Do a Metalic Smudged Eye and Nude Lip

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Here are the products I'm using ☺

Start of by priming your skin and moisturising any dry areas (ie around the nose). Then apply a full coverage foundation

Buff on your translucent powder with a big fluffy brush

I have already blended the concealer on the left side. I have covered all dark areas on my face then buffed with my duo fibre brush an pressed into the skin with my finger

"packing" on the powder with a sponge helps to set the makeup and make it last longer

Add some of your darker colour to your temples too!

Now fill in your brows ! If you dont know how to do your brows look in my other guides for the how to on brows

Now higlight your brows! I prefer using a white pencil to highlight my brows, I'll make a tutorial on highlighting soon!

Now we're going to add our metallic brown eyeshadow, I'm using "fudge" by number 7

This also blends in with the highlight of the brow which looks pretty

create a line with your eyeliner pull down the skin beneath your eye to get close to the lash line, not too thick! I am using a grey eyeliner, Don't worry about neatness as it won't show when smudged

Now just smudge the line you made. I have a smudger at the end on my liner and you can also buy them as a brush, if you don't have one a cottonbuds or finger works .This liner is Avon shade "charcoal"

If your doing this look and want to wear it on both under your bottom lash and on your tight line I would recommend doing a less larger line on the bottom otherwise you might look like a panda !

Now curl your lashes. Hold the curler for about ten seconds squeezing every now and then

Now apply mascara to your top an bottom lashes

Now line your lips with your lip liner. I'm using Cargo in Mooch

Apply your lipstick. I'm using no7 plum beautiful

Now your lipgloss! I'm using smile by no7

Lipgloss finished


Voila ! Nude glossy lips Metalic and smudged eyes


Before and after! A Daily wearable made up look 💋


Closeup of eyes and brows. I have very bad bags here due to lack of sleep recently


I hope you liked this HowTo❤! Longest guide yet😳 Next time highlighting! Quote of the guide is - I'm not ugly, but my beauty is created⚡

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