How to Mix Food & Supplements for the Dee-O-Gee Shop Dog

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This is Jericho, hard at work at Dee-O-Gee. Jericho has Addison's disease, making him prone to weight gain. So, we have him on a unique mixture of dog foods and supplement, detailed in the following.

KibblePetcurean "Now Small Breed" mixed 50/50 with "Now Senior/Weight Management" Freeze driedStella & Chewy's "Surf n Turf" dinner SupplementJoint Mobility by Wholistic Pet Organics

Dog food bowl in the middle. 50/50 blend of dog food on the right. Freeze dried dog food top middle. Joint mobility supplement on the left.

1/8 cup of the small breed formula and 1/8 cup of the senior formula, 1/4 cup total. The Small Breed formula has a small 'X' shape, making it easier for small dogs to crunch the food.

Do you see the 2 different kibbles? The Small Breed formula also has some great dental health properties for those little dogs.

Next step, add 1/3 patty of Stella & Chewy's freeze-dried dog food. This all-natural dog food is great for picky dogs or backpacking. It has all the benefits of raw food, without the mess.

Crumble the S&C patty over the kibble.

Add joint mobility supplement. A multivitamin plus joint support ... your dog will thank you for adding this to the mix!

Joint Mobility has Ester-C and MSM, both increase the uptake of Glucosamine & Chondriotin. This is impossible to find in dog supplements!

Ta da! You could also add a little bit of water at this point, to make the combination a bit softer and help the Joint Mobility powder mix in better.

Here's a shot of available all-natural dog foods at Dee-O-Gee in Bozeman, MT. Learn more at


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