How to Paint a Landscape With Products From Lowe's

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Anyone can make a beautiful landscape painting for their home, anyone. And it doesn't even need to be expensive, since you can get almost everything you need at you local Lowe's Home Improvement.

Various size chip craft brushes from Lowe's.

Buckets to clean brushes. The left has a 4 inch plumbing drain in it and is filled with thinner. You can run the brushes over the drain to clean them off, then shake them into the empty can.

Red, yellow, crimson, black, blue, and white oil paints from your local art store. HINTdon't use too much paint. This is at the end of the process so you see how a little color goes a long way.

Mix some white paint, thinner, and a touch of black to make a runny gray primer. Cover the canvas with a THIN even coat of gray. This will let the rest of the colors blend on the canvas.

Put a little yellow on a chip brush & go to the center of the canvas. Make little X patterns across the canvas to make your yellow sunset. Repeat with red & blue & white. Blend with light strokes.

Add blue, black, and crimson to your largest chip brush and block out the land. Then varying amounts of dark on the brush and dab the darker spots in, indicating grass. Block in your horse shape.

Add ivory black to a small craft brush and darken in your horse silhouette. Use flexible putty knife to add shadows to the silhouette opposite the sunset.

Take a small brush and thin the red down to ink like consistency. Sign your masterpiece in the lower right corner. Let dry for about a week, frame, and hang where it can amaze your family and friends.

Great Work !!

See you next time :) Lowes Never Stop Improving

Watch the video: Basic rules to win at landscape painting.


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